Research into Drivers Attitudes towards Drinking and Driving

Each year the Scottish Road Safety Campaign (SRSC) supports the Scottish Police Service drink drive enforcement campaigns through publicity measures.

Planning for these campaigns has in the past not been targeted at specific 'types' of drunk drivers, but aimed at all drivers and the consequences of drinking and driving. It has been recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) & SRSC that if any further impact on drink drive figures is to be achieved then a more structured approach to publicity campaigns, based on research evidence, is needed. It is in this connection that the SRSC in association with ACPOS commissioned some research into current driver attitudes towards drink driving.

The main aim of the research is to establish current attitudes of drivers in Scotland towards drink driving behaviour in order to inform any future strategy for publicity initiatives. More specifically the research will:-

  • Establish what motivates drivers to drink and drive and their views towards the prevailing laws and enforcement on drink driving.
  • Identify any pattern in the characteristics of drivers who admit to drink driving. (ie age/gender/social class/employment status etc) to build up a profile of the drink driver
  • Identify the characteristics of drivers who have recently been prosecuted for drink driving.
  • Explore the main reasons why drivers choose not to drink and drive

Start Date: 01/10/2000
End Date: 01/09/2001


The aim of this research was to study public attitudes and behaviour around driving and alcohol use to establish the prevalence of drink driving in Scotland, also to explore current attitudes and behaviour in more depth. The research consisted of a survey of a nationally representative sample of 1000 current Scottish Drivers and a series of qualitative discussions with drivers of different types.